Miracle Mile, 2000

43 x 283 inches total, each 43 x 47 inches
inkjet prints

Miracle Mile is the collective title for a group of images depicting internally illuminated signs on Wilshire Boulevard between Fairfax and LaBrea Avenues in Los Angeles. Only signs perpendicular to the flow of traffic on Wilshire are represented. The signs are depicted on a pure black field and no other detail of any form is shown. Every sign is presented in its accurate place and scale relative to the size of the section shown; since all subjects in each view are shown at the same scale, nothing recedes in space as in a perspectival view. In cases where signs read backwards they are facing the opposite direction from the vantage point of the image. When a sign is duplicated for both directions of traffic, only the sign reading correctly for the direction of view is shown.
This piece exists in two versions, Miracle Mile Looking West which is shown above and another set that is quite similar showing the opposite direction of view, Miracle Mile Looking East.