Facade, 2001

11 x 20 feet
acrylic mural on temporary wall

Ten motifs from different storefronts found in shopping malls were montaged together and simplified to produce a mural on a wall blocking the street entrance to the gallery.  Glass areas from the original entrances are painted white, while a flat color of paint is chosen to represent all other materials from the original motif. Daylight is visible above the wall coming from the front windows facing the street. This photograph (at 11 x 14 inches) was sold during the exhibition in an unlimited edition.
Source montage for Facade:
The Facade mural was produced from this image, a montage of ten different storefronts found in shopping malls in the Los Angeles area. Each section is placed in the same location in the montage as it was in its original storefront. Stores were chosen as each being representative of a type of commercial decor, with the goal of covering the gamut available.
Stores represented (left to right): Rand McNally Maps, Sunglasses Hut, Foot Locker, PetLove, KayBee Toys, Fox 1hr Photo, Contempo Casual, Victoria’s Secret, See’s Candy, and Brentano’s Books.