Selected Compositions, series started 2012

various dimensions
ink, polypropylene, polystyrene, paper, wood

The Selected Composition works build upon the preceding Random Composition pieces. Like those works, they join conventionally divergent approaches of artistic production: the monochrome, photography and sculpture. The aspects that determine the Selected Compositions are: height, width and depth of the front and back faces; the distance that the front face is offset horizontally and vertically; the color of the monochrome on the face; and the four images that are shown on the sides, top and bottom of the sculpture. Each of these aspects that form the piece is determined by a randomly drawn option. However, unlike the Random Compositions, if one of the options, for example a particular color or image is not useful for the piece, I draw again and another is presented. Eventually, through this series of selections, I find something that I can accept for each of the aspects.  They are not pre-conceived but do fall within an range of possibilities that can be selected from to produce an unexpected aesthetic outcome, not unlike the selection one makes within a given setting when taking a picture.