Slide Piece, 2006

dimensions variable
162 color slides, 2 projectors, dissolve unit, projector stand

In Slide Piece, the notational snapshot is the basic compositional unit. Selected from a vast archive of images made from 1993-2003, 160 snapshots are presented as a traditional slide-show with projectors and a dissolve unit. The photographs are ordered so that one subject in each image is repeated in the next.  While this method of editing is common in sequencing photographs, a significant difference is employed in this piece: the archive and the editing is given primary importance over any individual image or subject. In this way the subject in one image determines the selection of the next image, negating the standard aesthetic choice of a serial photographic approach.  This method has two primary references: the discontinuous narrative of the nouveau roman in literature and the match-cut in cinematic editing, however both of these assume a subject chosen in advance.  This work orders unrelated experiences into an associative sequence, thus frustrating standard narrative expectations.
Please note that the video documentation examples of this slide projection piece are of poor quality.  It is intended to be shown only with conventional slide projectors and the video recording shows very little of the depth of color and definition in the images.  I include this documentation only as reference to the premise and construction of the piece.